Bargarh Unit, Odisha

"Production of bio-crude at Bargarh facility using Rice straw as raw material"

The first unit of Unnmukt Urja will be setup up at Bargarh, Odisha, which is also known as Odisha's Rice Bowl. Bargarh district is a rice production hub of Odisha and it is well irrigated by the water from Hirakud Dam on the river Mahanadi. We have chosen Bargarh because of the following reasons,

1. Rice productivity

2. Rice straw production volume

3. Consistency of production of rice

4. The number of crops harvested in this region

5. Ease of doing business in Bargarh

6. Least susceptible to earthquakes

7. Bargarh is close to Paradeep port ,which caters to Marine industry , our primary customers

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We are seeking investment for our first manufacturing unit, If you are a potential investor reach out to us here or give us a call at +91 91636 54444 to initiate the discussion.

Project Figures

Raw Material Rice Straw
Feed Rate 728 Tonnes/Day
Project Cost INR 756 Cr./USD 100 Million
Equity Investment Needed INR 227 Cr./USD 30 Million
Present Value INR 1512 Cr./USD 200 Million
Profitability Index 2.0

*Assuming 1 USD =76 INR, Amount in USD may change as per exchange rate