Sampurn Krishi Utthaan Foundation and Unnmukt Urja sign MOU to ensure raw material supply for bio crude production

On the eve of World Environment Day, "Unnmukt Urja" is pleased to announce that we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with "Sampurn Krishi Utthaan Foundation" for aiding in building social capital and ensure raw material supply for bio crude production.

According to the 2011 census, Bargarh district had a rural population of 13.3 lakhs and a cultivation area of 3354 Square Kilometers, out of which 530 Square Kilometers were cultivated in Autumn, 710 Square Kilometers were cultivated in Summer and 1820 Square Kilometers were cultivated in Winter. The area is well irrigated by the Hirakud reservoir, formed due to the Worlds longest and second-largest Dam. Total Rice production in Bargarh district in 2011 was 6.9 Lakh Tonnes. Huge agricultural waste is generated in the district such as Rice straw. Rice straw utilization is limited to the packaging industry, Mushroom cultivation, Cattle feed, and now not so popular thatched roof house construction. Most of the straw is left unutilized, which is either left over the field to rot if the farmer does grow multiple crops or burnt if the farmer is under pressure to sow the next season of the crop. Currently straw does not contribute much to the farmer's income. An estimated 9 lakh Tonnes of straw was generated in 2011, most of which were available for further value-added processing. Due to the complex existing sourcing model and poor rural infrastructure, procurement in rural areas is challenging. The solution lies in an inclusive, empathetic, and community-based sourcing models.

Sampurn Krishi Utthaan Formed in 2017, focuses on LEISA (low external input sustainable agriculture) and has built a substantial reach within the farming communities in Eastern India. They expect to increase farmer's income by 10-15% by implementing their agricultural model. Sampurna Krishi Utthan along with Unnmukt Urja will provide farmers with training, assist in community development, and ensure straw supply at the collection centers. Sampurna Krishi Utthan will help in building social capital to empower the value chain of Unnmukt Urja.

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In February, Unnmukt Urja formed a partnership with Licella Holdings Ltd., which is the Worlds leading HTL technology provider with its Cat-HTRâ„¢ technology, aligning its goals with the Indian Government's strong focus on biofuels and more sustainable alternatives to deal with biomass waste and agricultural residues. Biofuel from biomass has been recognized as an advanced biofuel in India's Biofuel Policy 2018.

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